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Direct Loan Tools: Mentors

Questions about Direct Loans?
What can the Coalition's volunteer Mentors do for you?

Mentors are financial aid administrators working at direct loan schools.  Some have been in DL a long time, others have transitioned in the last two years.  Because our mentors work in the field, they have hands-on experience in processing federal loans using a variety of software platforms.  


  1. Help you set up your system;
  2. Share policies and procedures;
  3. Provide assistance in understanding and formulating your reconciliation processes;
  4. Instruct you in using DL Tools;
  5. Speak with your in-house accounting staff about G5 drawdowns and general ledger accounting information;
  6. Share best practices;
  7. Provide helpful hints on testing your system;
  8. Help you navigate any error messages in testing;
  9. Serve as your sounding board when brainstorming processing or policies related to DL;
  10. Guide you through creating and reviewing special ad hoc reports; and
  11. Provide vendor contacts if you encounter issues with your software system that the mentor cannot help you resolve.

To find a mentor volunteer who uses your software platform, click here.